summer camp

Doral Field Hockey - SUMMER CAMP IN MIAMI

Our mission if to provide a safe and positive environment for athletes to develop their skills.
Our dedicated staff will provide instruction specific to the needs of the individual campers and/or teams, and will challenge them to read and adjust to situations in a game-like experience.

All Star Hitting Baseball & Softball Camp - SUMMER CAMP IN MIAMI

Teaching the proper fundamentals of baseball and softball.

We guarantee that each athlete that attends are camp will progress in the sport. Specialize training in physical condition, hitting, throwing, fielding, team defense and overall IQ!


This camp is designed to let the spirit of every child be free through outdoor sports and activities. Swimming, fishing, biking, traditional, challenging and sports games and also outdoor art&craft and dance make awake the wish to be more creative, learn, and experiment while having fun, working in team, and being cheerful. Be a Daring Warrior, Be an Oranger!